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Updated: 26 Dec 12

Photographs produced by or reproduced on raf-lincolnshire.info do not in any indicate the existence of any access or rights of way, nor do they imply that any of the photographs were taken legally from existing rights of way or with the site owners' permission.

No right of access or public right of way should be inferred from the inclusion of a named location, photograph, diagram, description or reference to any facility or geographic feature. It is the responsibility of the individual to be certain as to the prevailing landownership and access rights before attempting to visit any site in order to avoid deliberate or unintentional trespass. Most landowners will be very pleased to grant access on written request. Structures and active Ministry of Defence sites eg RAF airfields have their own strict access regulations and should be contacted individually to request access and permission to take photographs.

The most readily available authoritative publications with respect to public rights of way are the Ordnance Survey maps. These are compiled on the basis of the legally authoritative definitive maps maintained by the County Council and unitary authorities.

You can plan a visit to any location using the many online mapping services available.

Streetmap - use grid references and post codes to locate sites and view OS mapping at down to 1:25 000

Where's the Path - allows you to compare aerial photograph with OS mapping side by side. As a bonus you can toggle and view 1940s OS mapping instead of the current series.

Lincolnshire County Council Countryside Access Mapping. This service overlays all the recognised Rights of Way over OS mapping at a variety of scales, right down to 1:2500 with individual buildings.

Old-Maps.co.uk. Enter a place name or co-ordinates to view map series from 1888 up to 1989 and down to 1:2500. You can preview small segments of map for free, which will normally be enough to get any detail relating to site layout that can be gleaned, without paying.

Otherwise you should consult local land owners before seeking to carry out a site visit.

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