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Updated: 6 Dec 12

Opened: < 1 Aug 1942

Closed: < 12 Aug 1942

Airfield decoyed: RAF Binbrook

English Heritage Site Reference: Q85B

Approximate location of site centre: BNG TF252903 (Streetmap)
(the site has not been located - this is Kelstern village)

Pastscape record: n/a

The Kelstern Q site was a Second World War night-time bombing decoy that was built to deflect enemy bombing from RAF Binbrook. It is referenced as being abandoned in Aug 1942, probably due to the construction of RAF Kelstern which began in Jul 1942. It has not been located but was close to Kelstern village. RAF Binbrook was also protected by Q sites at Ludborough and Wyham.

Q-sites operated at night and tried to lure the enemy with sets of lights arranged to look like a real operational airfield, set out over up to a mile and a half of countryside. Q sites generally had a night-time staff of two who would check lighting before dusk and await nightfall in a shelter. See further reading on dummy and decoy sites.

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